Property Construction Jobs London

Property Construction Jobs London – a brief guide

There are many property construction jobs London and  related jobs that come under this collective banner. Most people will instantly think of the obvious – London Estate Agents Careers, London Property Management careers, property sales and lettings, property engineering jobs and the like.

However the opportunities are far more varied for jobs and careers in Property construction jobs London, in both construction and management of properties.

There are many social housing companies whom require people with management and refurbishment expertise. This can be both structural and electrical. Property management companies in London require a vast range of skills. The start of the process is the property marketing and advertising followed by property sales negotiators, property estate managersproperty construction jobs london

We have a little more information on the following property jobs in London, what is potentially entailed and salary expectations

Property Manager – London Property Jobs

Usual Duties: managing a property or property portfolios of varying sizes. Managing breaches of leases, carrying out inspections, agreeing annual management fees, control of budgets and expenditures. Health and safety risk assessments and implementations. Managing suppliers and invoices. Staff training and management where applicable.

Potential Skills:

Salary Expectations
£30 – £50k

Property Sales Advisors – London Property Jobs

Usual Duties: Dealing with incoming enquiries, handling and matching client requirements, locating properties to match requirements.

Potential Skills:
Selling skills and experience
Energy and Enthusiasm
Second language can be beneficial

Salary Expectations
£25 – £50k +

Property Lead Generation Consultants

Usual Duties: Promoting property portfolio wherever appropriate
Understanding a potential clients requirements
Nurturing client relationships to a successful outcome
Closing sales
Keeping up to date with current property portfolio and local knowledge

Potential Skills:
Selling skills and experience
Tele-sales experience
Excellent communications skills

Salary Expectations
£25k +

London Property Estate Agent

Usual Duties: Conducting valuations, managing new applicants, negotiating offers, managing staff, new business development.

Potential Skills:

Selling skills
Staff management

Salary Expectations
£25k – £100k+

Property Graduates

This job description can cover a number of roles in the London Job Market, including surveying, administration and co-ordinating, property credit control, property sales negotiators as well as development and sales roles.

London job searches will also include, amongst others the following disciplines and roles.
Property Surveying Graduates
Property research Analyists
Property Advisors
Commercial Property Manager
Site Based Property Manager
Property / Estates Surveyor

Property Construction Jobs London

Has London ever been busier with the construction of residential and business properties? Think of the process from start to finish and it will really open your mind as to the skill sets [and opportunities] available to those looking to get into property construction jobs in London.

The planning and building of these London properties require the initial plans to be drawn, planning applications and amendments to be made and finances in place and budgets allocated before a spade is dug into the ground. Surveyors, engineers, labourers, steelwork erection, bricklayers, property roofing specialists. Logistics managers, architects and surveyors, all required to be sourced and managed.

A few typically searched London Property Jobs will be familiar:

  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Project manager
  • Property Sales Manager
  • Property Marketing Manager
  • Property Accountant
  • Property Maintenance
  • Property Facilities Manager
  • Property Electrician
  • Property Manager

What Has Grenfell Done To The Property Management Sector?

The tragedy of  Grenfell has yet to manifest its full impact and, indeed anything that comes from the investigations make take months and years to be implemented. In the immediate aftermath, cladding has been investigated on hundreds of buildings throughout the whole country and significant issues have been identified.

A political as well as localised property management issue, its avoidance will be an ongoing debate.